Patented stocks from Slide Fire Solutions® have revolutionized recreational shooting by allowing
for a whole new method of fire. Engineered around the historical technique of bump firing, these
stocks grant shooters the freedom of controlled rapid fire without compromising the safety of
themselves or others around them.

The superior performance stock’s radical design modifies principles that have been used for over
40 years to bump fire. But unlike traditional bump firing, the patented stock design allows the
shooter to safely and accurately shoot as quickly as desired. The forward movement required to
discharge each round naturally helps to correct the shooter’s point-of-aim for each shot, and to
keep recoil from pushing the firearm’s muzzle upward in an unsafe direction.

Three models are available for the AR-15:
The OGR is the original slide stock.
The SBS is the second generation slide stock with a traditional tactical style design.
The MOD is based around the precision shooter, the new design was engineered from the
ground up,connecting practical semi-automatic fire with the patented rapid fire mode.



By definition, our current rifle stocks are not adjustable stocks or trigger manipulation devices.
The Slide Fire stock is 100% legal and BATFE approved by the United States Department of Justice.
Each Slide Fire stock contains a copy of the BATFE approval letter. Since their launch in 2010,
Slide Fire has not been notified by any individual state that their products conflict with any state laws.

By purchasing, installing and/or using a Slide Fire Solutions product, the user assumes all risks
associated with the use of said products, and releases and holds harmless GreWolf Tactical Arms,
Slide Fire® and It’s affiliates, successors, shareholders, employees and representatives, from and
against any liability, disability, death or loss or damage to person or property, whether arising
from negligence or otherwise.