A $170 VALUE

NFA Gun Trust with Instructions and Bonus Material

First off, an NFA Gun Trust is not a way to “get one over” on the BATFE.
An NFA Gun Trust will not allow you to violate or bypass state (nor federal) laws and restrictions.
So don't be fooled by the misconception of "buy this Trust today, and buy your Silencer today".
Another misconception is that some of the "so-called" gun trust templates out there are nothing more
than a revocable living trust, which does NOT include the correct wording for it to be a valid
(or legal) or a TRUE NFA Gun Trust.

Yes, a gun trust will allow you to obtain NFA items easier and sometimes quicker,
but most of all protects you and your heirs gun assets.

With that said:
THIS NFA Gun Trust includes a fully customizable Trust template (Correctly worded to be a
True NFA Gun Trust), with instructions. Once you edit it to your needs and print it off,
you and your Trustees sign it. Follow the rest of the instructions to make it a fully legal
NFA Gun Trust. Yes, it is that simple. No expensive lawyers are needed.
Why pay more and spend more time for the SAME end result.

As a BONUS you will receive instructions on how to fill out ATF forms for purchasing NFA
Title 2 items and firearms or when building your own Suppressor.

After checkout (within 24 hours) you will be e-mailed (via your paypal e-mail address)
a .DOC file of the Trust which you can edit in MS Word or other .doc editing program.
You will also receive instructions on how to fill it out, and other helpful hints to
make it a fully legal and binding TRUE NFA Gun Trust.

***This is a digital document delivery and you will need to fill out and print the Trust,
and have it signed by all trustees and notarized.***